Kimya Rod

Kimya Rod, President & CEO

I have dedicated my time focusing on creating precious moments of joy and happiness for kids living with cancer. I understand the pain and dire circumstances in which a child with cancer lives, and so have dedicated my time to bring these kids entertainment in the hospitals as they cannot venture out to play in playgrounds and school yards with friends and family.

I know the importance of play for a child and because time is precious I search for appropriate entertainment to make every child laugh; there is no better reward than to hear the laughter of a child!

I hope you will join me in this noble cause and help offer a child living with cancer precious moments of joy, laughter and total glee through entertainment; be it, magicians, music, crafts, painting, muppets, dance, songs or story telling.

If you are interested in donating your time please contact us today and from all the children standing to benefit from your generous contribution please accept their thanks in advance: Thank You!

With my deepest gratitude,
Kimya Rod

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