donateYour donation will bring a smile to faces of children living with cancer in hospitals. They cannot go out to play, they are far away from outdoor leisure activities, and they are in a constant fight of their precious lives. CKE hopes to deliver a little bit of happiness that can make their struggles a bit easier. Your donation will enable a child to experience that happiness without interfering with their treatment program.

We appreciate every penny and on behalf of the kids, we thank you for your kindness and donation.

Direct Donation

When it comes to donation, one of the main questions that comes to mind is how much of this donation would actually reach the persons in need. Kimya Rod, the founder of Cancer Kids Entertainment, has set up the direct donation opportunity to bypass this problem. Donors can directly sponsor an event in any hospital where children are admitted and this charity will do all the needed coordination and work.  The events will happen, children will enjoy the shows and all of the donation would be spend for the show with NO ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS charged by the charity. Direct donation would spend 100% of donation for the children in hospitals.

If you are interested in sponsoring an event for kids in hospitals through direct donation please contact us.

Cancer Kids Entertainment Inc. is a Canadian registered charity. Our registration is 81945 4703.

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